Services Offered By Glacier Cooling and Heating
At Glacier Cooling and Heating we believe in addressing the entire environment that affects how well your home or business cools and heats. We offer a complete variety of energy saving services to address all of your heating and cooling needs:
Air Conditioning / Heat Pump Installations
Let our friendly and knowledgeable technicians install a new energy efficient heat pump or air conditioning unit in your home and you'll immediately begin to feel a difference. With the top brand names of Amana and Goodman, you can be assured of a long lasting and trouble free unit.
Air Conditioning / Heat Pump Repairs
Summers in Texas can be extremely unforgiving and when you need service, you need it NOW! Call us for fast and efficient service on your AC system. Whether you just need a little refrigerant, or a complete overhaul, we'll have you back in the cool in no time at all.
Air Duct Cleaning
Do you seem to have to dust more often than you'd like? You probably have dirty air ducts that are just recirculating and deposting more dust onto the surfaces in your home. With our specialized equipment, we can clean your air ducts, creating a cleaner enviornment for you and your family.